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Consumer: or you. The natural person whose action is not within the course of a profession or business and who enters into a distance contract with the trader, who is Stories Official.

Stories Official: or us. Stories Official, Chamber of Commerce number 52691047.

Stories Official provides this site as a service to its customers.

Website: The set of webpages, software, services and such connected to the domain www.storiesofficial.com and the subdomains and all via the website of Stories Official accessible services. The website is operated by Stories Official, a Dutch company with a registered office located in Amsterdam.

Webshop: The webshop of Stories Official on the website www.storiesofficial.com.

Products: The items, which Stories Official sells and supplies.

(General) Terms and Conditions: These terms and conditions.

Day: Calendar day


By placing an order with us, it is deemed that you have read, understood and agreed to our Terms and Conditions. If you are unhappy with any aspect of our terms and conditions, please contact us before placing an order.


We reserve the right to add, delete or amend these Terms and Conditions without prior written notice at any time, at our sole discretion.




These (General) Terms and Conditions apply to any offer from Stories Official and to any contract concluded by Stories Official and the consumer.
Before concluding a contract, the text of this (General) Terms and Conditions shall be made available to the consumer.




An agreement will be concluded by the consumer and Stories Official exclusively by means of Stories Official acceptance of an order (the offer) from the consumer that has been placed on or via the website by selecting a item, filling in the address details and, if the delivery address isn’t the same as the invoice address, de delivery address desired, the consumer has checked the order, the consumer has made a payment. Stories Official will send the consumer a confirmation by email as soon as possible after the order has been placed.

Stories Official reserves the right at any time after receipt of your order to accept or decline your order or a portion thereof, even after receipt an order conformation of Stories Official, for any reason whatsoever.
Stories Official reserves the right to limit the number of items ordered and to refuse service to you without prior notification.

In the event that an item lists an incorrect price, either due to typographic or other error, Stories Official shall have the right to refuse or cancel any order regardless whether the order is being or has been processed. If payment already has been made and the order is cancelled Stories Official shall credit your account in the amount of the incorrect price.


Stories Official tried to accurately display the colors of the product and the lining. The actual colours you see will depend on your monitor and may not be accurate. Stories Official cannot promise that the content of the website is free of inaccuracies or typographical errors at all times. Neither Stories Official can guarantee that all the information in up to date. Stories Official may, at any time, amend the content of the website. Although Stories Official strives to display the correct texts, images and pricing on the website, errors may occur.

The collection of Stories Official contains a full and accurate description of all the items. Images on the website can always be slightly different from reality.




The consumer can repudiate a purchase item bought on the website of Stories Official without giving reasons for it with a reflection period of 14 days indicated this item on the invoice.

This needs to do the customer as soon as possible during the reflection period. We will only accept returns on items purchased through the website of Stories Official in NEW condition. We cannot accept returns on items purchased from other locations or retailers.

Please send an email with your order number and possible receipt to [email protected]. After written approval for return with a return number from our costumer service, please return the item to the address in the identity of Stories Official.


The product has not been worn/used, is undamaged and for so far possible in the original and undamaged package and with the original product tags and dustbag


During the reflection period, the consumer shall handle the product and packaging with care.

The consumer shall only unpack or use the product if this is need able.

The guiding principle in that the consumer may only handle and inspect the items in the manner in which one is allowed to handle a product in a shop.


The reflection period starts on the day the product is received by the customer or by a third party appointed by him or her in advance and who not is the carrier.

- If the consumer ordered several products in the same order, the day on which the consumer or a third party appointed by him or her received the last item. Stories Official may refuse an order or several items with different delivery dates provided that it clearly informs the consumer prior to the order process, or

- In case the delivery of a item consists of several batches or parts, the day on which the consumer or a third party received the last batch or parts, or

- In case of an agreement about regular delivery of items during a given period, the day on which the consumer or a third party appointed by him or her received the first product.


The customer needs to prove that the items bought at the website of Stories Official are timely returned, for example with a proof of dispatch.

The consumer will not be permitted to exchange the product for another product. If the customer wishes to purchase another item he or she will have to place a new order on the website.


Stories Official will refund the purchase price of the product as quickly as possible to the account used to purchase the order, but in any event within 14 days after Stories Official received the returned item, this is without shipping costs.




Stories official items are made to last a lifetime of normal use.

Any defects, wrongly delivered items or any other complaints noticed by the consumer while checking the items after delivery needs to be written reported to Stories Official within 3 days after receiving the order. The customer needs to return the items within 7 days after delivery in the original package and with the original hangtags and dustbag.


The warranty does not apply when,

- The customer the defects of an item has repaired it their self’s or by a third party.

- The delivered items are exposed to abnormal circumstances or in any other way treated careless or in another way written in the care / leather care instruction on the website of Stories Official.

- The defects are made during shipping but just detected 7 days later after receiving the item.


When a complaint is well founded by Stories Official, Stories Official will repair or replace the items without any costs.


If something breaks during normal use, just send us an email with some photos and we will try to take care for it.




The prices of the product provided on the website shall not be raised during the validity period given in the offer, subject to changes in price due to changes in the VAT rates.

All prices indicated on the website are in EURO and including VAT and are exclusive of shipping costs and taxes/duties. The consumer will pay the return shipping costs.

The total purchase price due will be indicated when the order is placed and when the agreement is confirmed.


If you are in possession of a valid discount code, you can enter the code in the provided box on the order form. Stories Official reserves the right to correct the mentioned prices on the website or webshop and/or in the confirmation email, in case of errors or the correction of omissions.




Stories Official is not liable for any damage as a result of a delay in the delivery or failure that has been caused by circumstances that impede Stories Official from complying with its obligations, and that cannot be to Stories Official because they cannot be blamed on Stories Official and cannot be deemed to be for the Stories Official account in accordance with the law or legal act in accordance with generally accepted standards, such as – but not restricted to – war, threat of war, civil war, a day of mourning announced by the government, strikes, transport problems, trade limitations, problems with custom authorities, fire, flooding, earthquake or the bankruptcy of third parties engaged by Stories Official, a failure on the part of Stories Official’s suppliers of supply goods or on a failure on the part of Stories Official’s supplier to supply goods in a timely manner, interruptions in the supply of goods to be delivered by third parties, including water and electricity, and other serious interruptions in the business operations of Stories Official or third parties that it engages.


If as a result of the situation involving force majeure Stories official fails to comply with its obligations under the agreement or fails to do so in a timely manner, Stories Official will be entitled to perform the agreement within a reasonable term or – if compliance within a reasonable term is not possible- to dissolve the agreement in whole or in a part, without Stories Official being obliged to pay the consumer any compensation in that respect.




Stories Official shall exercise the best possible care when booking orders and executing product order and when assessing requests for the provision of services.


The place of delivery is the address, which the consumer has provided to Stories Official.

The consumer shall provide Stories Official with the correct delivery address and email address.

Any changes need to be reported immediately to Stories Official.

If the consumer has entered the wrong delivery address, then the additional shipping costs will be for the account of the consumer.

Delivery takes place while supply lasts.


The ownership of delivered products will be transferred to the consumer upon payment of the sum due. The risk of the products passes upon delivery to the consumer.


Stories Official shall execute expected order with convenient speed but at least within 30 days, unless another delivery period was agreed on. If the delivery has been delayed, or of an order cannot be filled or can be filled partially, the consumer shall be informed about this with 30 days after ordering. In such case, the consumer is entitled to repudiate the contract free of charge and with the right of possible compensations.

After the repudiation in conformity above, Stories Official shall promptly return the payment made by the consumer.


The risk or loss and/or damage to products will be borne by Stories Official until the time of delivery to the consumer or a representative appointed in advance and made known to Stories Official, unless explicitly agreed otherwise.




Shipment will be made using a carries designated by Stories Official.

After the agreement has been concluded Stories Official will send the items as quickly as possible, and in any event within 30 days.


Stories Official will make delivery in accordance with the agreed delivery dates to every extent possible; however, the consumer acknowledges that the delivery dates are based on the circumstances of which Stories Official is aware at the time which the agreement is concluded and, insofar as they are dependent on work or services to be provided by third parties, on the information that such parties provide to Stories Official.

The items will be imported on behalf of the consumer. The consumer authorized Stories Official to import the items on his or her behalf. Further, the consumer agrees that Stories Official may delegate the obligation to import the items on his or her behalf to a subcontractor. The consumer will pay the taxes and duties in addition with the purchase price of the items.


The risk with respect to any damage or loss of the items will be transferred to the consumer as from the time, which the items are delivered.




Unless otherwise stipulated in the agreement or in the additional conditions, the amount to be paid by the consumer must be settled within 14 days after the reflection period, or, if there in no reflection period, within 14 days, after concluding the agreement.

The consumer has the duty to inform Stories Official promptly of possible inaccuracies in the payment details that where given or specified. Payment orders at the bank or giro institute are for the account and risk of the party giving, or authorized, the payment order.


Payment may be made using the methods indicated on the website.




Stories Official shall have a sufficient notified complaints procedure in place, and shall handle the complaint in accordance with this complaint procedure.


The complaints submitted to Stories Official shall be replied within a period of 5 days after the date of receipt. Should a complaint require a foreseeable longer time of handling, Stories Official shall respond within 5 days with a notice of receipt and an indication when the consumer can expect a more detailed reply.


The contact details of Stories Official to handle complaints can be found by clicking on the ‘contact us’ button on the website.

The consumer will be obliged to inspect the product when it has been delivered and to notify Stories Official within a reasonable term in the event that there are any visible defects or other complaints regarding the performance of the agreement.


The consumer acknowledges that leather is a natural product so minor deviations and deviations that are generally considered acceptable in respect of the quality, size, color, finishing etc. of products cannot be avoid and do not constitute a well founded reason to submit a complaint.


Every Stories Official product is handmade from high quality leather. They are unique.
Variations in colour, texture and small marks are natural features and should not considered as imperfections. Every hide is carefully picked and check with the utmost care before manufacturing.


For leather care we advise you to check the leather care instructions given on the website.




In the event that any provision contained in these General Terms and Conditions is invalid: the remaining provisions contained in these Terms and Conditions will nonetheless remain in effect. And the invalid provision will have to be interpreted as, or converted into, a valid provision having the same purport to every extend possible.


Amendment to the General Terms and Conditions

Stories Official will be entitled to amend these General Terms and Conditions time to time.

The most recent versions will be placed on the website.

The consumer must always consult these General Terms and Conditions before using the website. If the consumer is unable to consult these Terms and Conditions via the Internet Stories Official will send the consumer a copy of the most recent version by email.




The consumer can create an account or otherwise register on the website. Stories Official reserves the right to refuse or cancel any such registration, for example in the event of irregularities.


The login details are strictly personal and must not be disclosed to third parties. The consumer is responsible for his login details, even if this is done without knowledge.


The consumer shall immediately alert Stories Official if he suspects that his login details are known by an unauthorized third party or in the event of irregularities.


The consumer may not create or manage more than one account. Moreover, the consumer shall not be allowed to register or manage an account (again) after Stories Official has denied the request of the consumer to create an account or after cancellation of the registration.




Stories Official respects the privacy of its consumer. Stories Official treats and process all personal data transmitted to it in accordance with the applicable legislation, agreed to this processing.

For the purpose of protection the customer’s personal data, Stories Official observes appropriate security measures.


For more information about privacy, reference is made on the website of Stories Official.


Stories Official uses Secure Socket Layers (SSL), the industry standard in transferring information to process your orders. For security reasons, we do not store any payment information in our database.




Cookies are used on the site to improve your browsing experience. In addition to use for statistic purpose, cookies identify your computer and allow the site to recall your personal settings. Your browser can be set to send a notification when a cookie is activated. This allows you to deny use of this cookie or to delete the cookie at the end of your visit.




The website and its content is protected by copyright, registered trademarks and/or other intellectual property rights. The contents are either the property of Stories Official or it’s affiliated companies, or is used with the approval of their owners.

Such content includes, but is not limited to, the registered trademark of Stories Official, all photographs, images, illustrations, texts, video, audio, drawings, logo’s, graphics, data and other material appearing on the site, as well as the software using for designing and implementing the website. All rights are reserved worldwide.

All photos and images displayed by Stories Official are copyrighted. Without written permission from Stories Official photos and graphics cannot be reproduced and publicity used.