Stories Official is an Amsterdam based leather goods label based on quality and the beauty of simple.
These basics will be found in every bag created by Stories Official.

The collection is minimalistic, subtle, classic and always handmade from the finest leathers by skilled and passionate artisans in Europe.

Making a high quality bag is a long, complicated process and that’s why Stories Official not going with the traditional fashion-schedule. Stories Official stands for perfection in even the smallest details and this makes every Stories Official item unique.

After a long search for the perfect bag, designer Lotte Zunneberg decided to manufacture her own by hand. The result was the signature model, the shopper.
The designer, Lotte Zunneberg, believes in items, which develop an own character through daily use, and become an essential companion in daily life and meant to last a lifetime.

Nowadays Stories Official comprises a growing collection of minimal luxury bags and accessories that will last a lifetime.

 “Every woman has her own Stories” – Lotte Zunneberg



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