For every bag, Stories Official has selected the most unique and high qualities hides.
Because they are unique, variations in colour, texture and small marks are natural features and should not considered as imperfections.

Treated well the leather items should last a lifetime. Though general leather care is still recommended.

Some leathers age over time and develop an own character through daily use. Following these steps are recommended to keep a bag looking it’s best over time.

- Try to avoid extreme weather conditions, grease, perfume and cosmetics.

- If a bags gets damp, dab it with a soft cloth to absorb any liquid.

- Fresh stains should be cleaned up immediately with a damp soft cloth.

- Avoid long-term exposure to heat and strong sources of light.

- The leather, which is used, is thoroughly painted so scratches are reduced to the minimum.

- Do not keep it anywhere too warm, humid or unventilated.

- Using a protective spray on suede once in a while is recommended.

To clean the inside of the bag, you can pull the 100% cotton lining away from the bag to hand wash, then simply leave the bag to dry naturally.

Store the bag in the protective dust bag, which comes with every Stories Official bag.
Do not store the bag in a plastic bag or box. If you store the bag for a longer period, fill the bag with soft material to prevent wrinkles.
Air the bag often to prevent mold.

Occasionally treating the leather bag with a leather conditioner is recommended, which will help keep the bag hydrated.

For any additional questions regarding leather care please email us at; [email protected].